Thursday, 5 July 2012

Important Things to Remember When Preparing For Your Vacation

Before the Meet & Greet consultation with your sitter, ensure that:

·    You have two keys cut, and tested, for your home ready to provide to your sitter

·    You have your 50% deposit payment ready to reserve your assignment

·    You have your emergency contact information ready

·    You have your travel itinerary ready

·    Your pet supplies (i.e. food, treats, litter boxes/poop bags, leashes, cleaning supplies) are all in the locations in the home that they will be in while the sitter is caring for your pet(s)

·    You have your pets’ medical records up to date
            You read over the Procedures page on the Loving Paws & House Sitting website     in advance to be prepared for what the Terms & Conditions you will be signing during the   Meet & Greet

During the Meet & Greet consultation with your sitter, be sure to:

·    Leave at least one hour window of time to meet with your sitter (avoid scheduling the Meet & Greet on a day when you have other commitments right after the meeting)

·    Have your pet available to meet with your sitter, so the pet is not hiding when the sitter arrives

·    Allow time for the sitter to establish a rapport with your pet(s)

·    Be detailed in all of your instructions and expectations regarding the care of your pet(s) and home to avoid any miscommunications

·    Show your sitter where all home care utilities and pet supplies are located

·    Show your sitter where your pet(s) likes to hide

·    Be descriptive in regards to your pets’ personalities and health

·    Show your sitter the routine of how medication is administered, and be accurate with the amount of medication given (we recommend arranging the Meet & Greet at the same time that medication would normally be given to ensure that you, your pet, and your sitter are all comfortable with the routine)

·    Provide your sitter with alarm codes, and information on how to arm and disarm the system, as well as having them test it out themselves during the meeting

·    Ensure to advise your alarm company that Loving Paws & House Sitting has permission to access your home.

·    Provide an alarm password to your sitter in case of an accidental alarm launch

·    Notify your sitter if anyone else has access to the home and is expected to be at the home at any point during your absence

·    Provide your sitter with: two keys to your home, your travel itinerary, your emergency contact information, and your 50% deposit required to reserve your assignment

Before you leave for your vacation:

·    If your vacation was booked more than a week in advance, reconfirm your assignment with your sitter, and notify them of any changes in the schedule or pet needs (i.e. changes in medication dosages)

·    Ensure that you have completed the Loving Paws & House Sitting Vet Notification card and have provided it to your veterinarian

·    Ensure that you have completed the Loving Paws & House Sitting Emergency Contact cards and have provided them to your in-town Emergency Contacts

·    Ensure that you bring your sitter’s Loving Paws & House Sitting business card with you on your trip so that you can easily reach them by phone or email if needed

·    If you have additional instructions, make sure that you leave them in an area where your sitter will see them

·    Make sure your home and supplies are neat and organized, and in the same location as described and shown to your sitter during your Meet & Greet consultation

·    Ensure that there aren’t any safety risks for your pet, and that areas of the home that are to be blocked off to the pet are not accessible for the pet

·    Ensure that you have not left on any appliances, and that all windows and doors have been locked before you leave
·    Ensure to obtain from your sitter our Loving Paws & House Sitting Vacation Checklist sheet, see our website for the downloadable PDF 
·    Be certain that you have all of your luggage and necessities ready for your trip, and don’t forget to have a fabulous vacation, with the peace of mind that your home and pets are well cared for by your Loving Paws & House Sitting sitter!

Provided by Sara Morris
Client Care Coordinator at Loving Paws & House Sitting

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