Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year’s resolutions for our dog(s) or cat(s)

Many New Year’s Eve traditions include an announcement of a New Year Resolution, but have you thought to include your dog(s) or cat(s) in this commitment?

In today’s culture most pet owners see themselves as pet parents. This self-proclaimed title reflects how much we love, cherish and value our pets in our lives. That said why not include and adopt these New Year Resolutions for your pets too?
·        I commit to walking my dog(s) more often or choose a reputable dog walking service to help!

·        I commit to provide my dog with friendly K9 social interactions at the dog park or on play dates.  The physical & mental health of my dog(s) will greatly benefit from more exercise & socialization!

·        I commit to educate myself on healthy food and treats for my pet(s). There is a plethora of websites that will help:

o   Understand words used to describe the true quality of the ingredients (especially meats) in food or treats. Know which words refer to what animal body part, for example.

o   Look for food or treats with fewer ingredients or additives. Not knowing what an ingredient or additive is when it is read probably means it is not a healthy choice!

o   Choose a food or treat that is naturally preserved, includes local organic ingredients, and quality carbohydrates (not useless fillers).

o   Look for food or treats with ingredients that are closest to their original form. Be aware of how ingredients are actually converted into a kibble, canned food, or treat. Some processes are appalling and can contribute to poor health.

o   Don’t be persuaded by embellished and misleading quality ingredients claims, a good marketing campaign, or cool looking packaging.

o   The best place to shop for your pet food or treats is a reputable pet store where a knowledgeable person can recommend food or treats based on your budget, pet health requirements, and preferred dietary “beliefs” for your pet(s).

·        I commit to brushing the teeth of my dog(s) and/or cat(s) more frequently!  Veterinarians promote that, after every meal, a pet’s teeth should be brushed to maintain oral hygiene.

·        I commit to giving back to our less fortunate pet community! There are so many easy and convenient ways to help the local Humane Society or animal non-profit organization:

o   Enrol in a monthly donation program.

o   Request that birthday and/or anniversary gifts be a financial donation to an animal non-profit organization.

o   Use a social media account (e.g. Facebook) to help raise funds, spread awareness for special animal/pet events, or help get that puppy or kitten adopted!

The heartfelt rewards we receive from pets are countless so let’s make our New Year’s Resolutions about spending more time with them as well as friends and family … This year lets include our furry kids too!

Happy New Year!

Amy Shannon Leclair
President & CEO