Monday, 11 February 2013

7 Reasons to choose In-Your-Home Pet Care

1)   Less stress on your pet

• Your pet gets to stay in its own familiar environment where all smells, sounds and surroundings say “Home!”

• Your pet will be less likely to have separation anxiety when cared for at home. Separation anxiety can cause a pet to not eat, sleep, have an upset belly, and possibly even developed behavioural issues due to stress.

• There won’t be unfamiliar pets that may be noisy, and disrupt your pet’s regular routine.

• There will not be several different staff members coming and going, but rather one consistent sitter entering your home.
2)  Diet, Exercise & TLC

• Your pet remain on its regular routine (i.e. feeding, walking, playtime schedule will not be interrupted).

• All your pet’s favourite toys, bed and treats will be accessible.

• Your pet’s customary diet will be unchanged.
3)  Avoid “Travel Trauma”

• Transporting your pet can often cause you and your pet stress before a vacation.

• Pets are often noisy during the car ride, and can also sometimes urinate or defecate in their crate due to the stress of not knowing where they are going and why they are being removed from their regular environment.

• There is no need to have to worry about transporting your pet to any facility when your pet gets to stay at home.
4)  Health Risks

• With in-your-home pet care, you avoid any risk of exposure to other animals’ illnesses (e.g. kennel cough or fleas).

• If your pet has health concerns of its own, or medications involved, you can be sure that your professional sitter will follow the specific routine involved in tending to the specific health concern (i.e. medication and medical treatments will be administered promptly at the requested time by your qualified sitter).

• Often times, pets can develop stress related illnesses such as; loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting and/or anxiety issues due to the stressful environment of a kennel or being in unfamiliar surroundings.
5)  Building a Rapport

• With in-your-home pet sitting, your pet will have the opportunity to bond with the pet sitter, and receive love and undivided attention from him/her.

• When using the service on multiple occasions, we always pass your request on to the previous sitter to accept your request in order to keep consistency with the sitter that you and your pet have already established a bond with.  After a short time, your pet will be accustomed to seeing their new friend each time you are away on vacation, and seeing their sitter will become routine.

6)  Emergencies

• Your LP&HS sitter will provide you with a Vet Notification card (to drop off at your Vet prior to your vacation) during the Meet & Greet consultation in case an emergency arises while you are away. This reassures and notifies your veterinarian that your pet is in good hands while you’re away.

• This free card from LP&HS lets you notify your Veterinarian that you are using our services, that you authorize us to act as your representative and make decisions with your Veterinarian to stabilize your pet's health during an emergency situation, and that the Veterinarian may provide stabilizing treatment up to a dollar amount specified by you on the card.

• Most of our sitters are Pet First Aid Certified, is familiar with the content of the LP&HS Emergency Handbook for protocols and access to experts with years of experience in the pet care field.
7)  House Care & Security

• Added benefit of having your sitter water plants & bring in the mail.

• Crime deterrence and home safety daily home inspection. Should something become suspicious around your home or she/he finds a burst water pipe, your sitter will take precautionary action, and call your emergency contact or the police.    

• Emergency Notification card - Notifies your neighbour and/or emergency contact person that you will be using our professional services.

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