Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What Happens To Your Pet If Something Happens To You?

Do you have a plan for how your pets would continue to be cared for and receive the love and attention they deserve and require if something were to happen to you?  It’s something that no one wants to think about, but in reality it is always ideal to hope for the best, but plan for the worst case scenario.

What if you are unexpectedly injured, and become unable to walk or feed and care for your dog, cat or other pet for weeks, months, or even longer?  Accidents and injuries can come on suddenly, and the healing process can progress gradually.  The last thing you should have to worry about if something were to happen to you should be whether or not your pet will be cared for properly while you are healing or are hospitalized.  This is why we strongly recommend arranging services ahead of time, so that your pets will continue to be cared for if any incident or illness were to occur. 
Loving Paws & House Sitting has a wonderful team of sitters that offer services which would be ideal for these types of situations.  Since we offer in-your-home pet sitting, you would be able to keep your pet at home in their regular environment while you are hospitalized, your pet would be able to keep you company while you recover at home, and maintain their regular walking, feeding and playtime routines with the help of one of our sitters.  Arrange a Meet & Greet consultation with one of our sitters today to go over your pet’s routine, have you and your pet establish a rapport with your sitter, and make the arrangements necessary with your sitter if an emergency or illness did arise.  Arranging this ahead of time will alleviate the stress that would otherwise cause you if you made these arrangements after the fact of an emergency or illness. Also avoid, imposing on a family member or friend to make arrangements for you while you are unable to.

Although most of us will outlive our pets, it is still best to be prepared for everything including death, so you can ensure the best care for your pets if you were to pass away.  In this case, during the transition period of finding a home for your pet for example, you could arrange ahead of time, in your will, for a sitter to care for your pet. The peace of mind knowing that your sitter will care for your pet until a new suitable home is found avoids your pet spending any time in a kennel or shelter.

The Ottawa Humane Society also has a great program for this scenario called the Pet Stewardship Program which ensures that proper care is given to your pet, and helps to find a permanent care giver among other great advantages.  For more information on this program, please visit http://ottawahumane.ca/gifts/animal_legacy_pets.cfm
To learn more about our Meet & Greet Consultations please visit us at http://www.lovingpaws.ca/English/Services/Procedures/Meet&Greet.html 

Have peace of mind that your pets receive the heartfelt care they deserve while you are unable to provide it!

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