Tuesday, 21 February 2012

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Dear Pet Parents,
Do you work long hours?
Do you travel on business trips or for pleasure?
Do you have a new puppy and need help potty training?
Does your pet need special medical care at home?
Do you feel that boarding your pet(s) is not the best loving option?
Do you need someone to take care of your home and plants while away?
In the past, most pet parents had few choices concerning the care of their pets while away. Friends, neighbours or boarding facilities were available but these choices were rarely the best loving option for a pet.
Caring pet parents know their pets adjust better to an absent pet parent and experience less anxiety and stress when they remain in their home. Loving Paws & House Sitting makes this possible with daily visits to your home.
In addition to meals, water, exercise, playtime, TLC and potty breaks we have many uniquely tailored programs to help you meet the needs of your pets:
  • Fitness for Paws,
  • Puppy Paws Breaks,
  • Loving Medical Care,
  • Small Animal Sitting,
  • House Sitting, just to name a few.
  • Reduce Stress: Pets stay where all sights, smells and sounds say "home".
  • Diet & exercise: Special routines are followed without interrupting a pet's schedule.
  • No "travel" trauma: Traveling in a vehicle upsets some pets, increasing their stress.
  • Health Concerns: Minimal exposure to hazards or illness from new interactions or a new environment.
  • TLC: We provide one-on-one love and attention.
  • Travel: No hassles having to transport a pet to and from.
  • No Imposition: No need to impose on a friend, neighbour or relative. As professional pet care-giver we will make your pet a priority.
  • Security: A home is made more secure by our crime deterrent services.
  • Peace of Mind: Your pet is in professional caring hands, and not in a strange environment or with someone who is untrained, uninsured or not bonded.
  • Special Medical Services: We provide additional pet health support to clients with insulin injection, subcutaneous fluid therapy, bandage changes and much more. 

Established – we celebrated 6 years of excellent service in the National Capital Region ― 2005 to 2012. We launched our expansion to Mississauga in January 2012.
Accreditation  we are Canada's only pet sitting service to have All Canadian Pet Sitter Network's "Gold" accreditation.
Large territory –We provide services across the greater Ottawa/Gatineau, Kemptville and Smiths Falls areas.
Competitively priced – just a few $ for a visit.
Convenient – we’re just a phone call or email away. It's easy to do business with us!
Emergency first-aid ready – we have an Emergencies Handbook, pet First Aid training and kits, and 24/7 access to pet medical care.
Friendly – we love animals and take pride helping them.
Guarantee – we guarantee the duration of each visit and the number of visits.
Insured, bonded & security-checked  our clients are well covered & protected.
Quality  we are committed to giving excellent service.
Professional – we follow a strict code of conduct.
Recommended – we come highly recommended.
Reliable – we make pet and home care our #1 priority.
Transparent  we provide detailed up-front information about our services, rates, policies and procedures.
We're a team – we provide our sitters with backup.

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