Monday, 18 June 2012

Hot Summer Pet Tips

Hot and humid summer days have arrived and, like us, our four-legged friends love to be in the great outdoors to experience fresh air and a little adventure! However the heat mixed with humidity is a serious health risks for our pets - to help guarantee their overall wellbeing consider these simple tips.

To prevent dehydration: Have plenty of water available!

To prevent overheating:

·    If your pet has a thick coat of hair keep the fur thinner and shorter. However don’t cut the fur too short to allow the exposed skin to sunburn!

·    Give your pet plenty of shaded places to cool down (especially during walks) or outdoor shelter (many shelters come in various sizes and budget).

·    Use a “cool” bed (a waterbed filled with cool water) or “cool” jacket (a specialized jacket soaked in cool water).  

To prevent sunburns:
  • For sensitive paw pads (especially those of puppies) keep off of hot asphalt. 
  • Apply a pet safe SPF cream to any visible skin; e.g. nose or short haired ears and/or body.  
Be Prepared with a Pet First Aid Kit!
If something unfortunate happens to your pet, having the tools necessary to assist you is crucial. Luckily if you’re not yet equipped, we can help! Our pet First Aid Kit is perfect for pet parents. It includes over 63 Veterinarian-recommended items stored in a convenient canvas case and it's specifically designed for animal care.

Pesticides, Insecticides, and Pool Chemicals:
·    Keep pets away from lawns that have been treated with harmful chemicals and from pool areas.
·    When planning your garden, aim for dog and cat-safe, non-toxic plants.
·    Keep pesticides, insecticides and pool chemicals secure from pets.
·    Read chemical labels to determine how long they last and if they are harmful to pets (many last days and most are toxic).

Travel - It's best to avoid traveling with your pet(s) during summer. Leaving a pet alone in the car can be fatal, even with open windows and for a short amount of time. Heat  inside a car can reach dangerously high temperatures in a few mintues.

Play safe, leave your pet at home during vacations or when running errands. Let our dedicated team of sitters and dog walkers provide care and companionship to your beloved family members in the comfort of YOUR HOME!

If your pet shows any signs of being overheated, dehydrated, sun burnt, or you suspect chemical exposure, your pet may need immediate medical treatment. Call your Veterinarian immediately!

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