Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Information the Pet Sitting Company requires from their clients to make it a pleasurable transaction for both parties

Communication is really the key to making the transaction run as smoothly as possible.  As a client, be upfront and honest when it comes to your pet’s behaviour.  If your pet often has separation anxiety, make sure to inform your sitter, so the sitter will not be alarmed if your pet does not eat during their first visit, as they are just getting used to the transition of having a sitter care for them.  Be honest if your pet has had any history of aggression towards pets or humans, and if your pet is aggressive, be sure to explain the routine for handling your pet in detail to your sitter to ensure the safety of your pet and your care provider. 

Don’t forget to mention if your pet has a history of trying to escape when someone opens the door to your home, that way your sitter will be aware, in advance, to be extra cautious when entering your home.  
Make sure to explain to your sitter if your pet tends to hide while you are away, and what their favourite hiding spots are, so that your sitter can locate your pet and ensure their health and safety during each visit.  When clients forget to mention this, it is not only difficult to locate the pet, but also will concern sitters immensely for the safety and health of the pet. 
Communicate any past illness or health issues, even if it seems minor (i.e. my cat vomits occasionally, don’t be alarmed, or my elderly cat cannot always make it to the litter box, and sometimes leaves “accidents” to be cleaned up).  Sometimes owners are so used to their pets “quirks” (personality or health normality’s) they forget to mention them to their sitter.  If not mentioned ahead of time, these “normality’s” can be of concern for the sitter who is unaware that these are normal for your particular pet.

Be sure to explain in detail what your expectations are for each visit.  For example: indicate the amount of food to be fed at each visit, describe your pet’s personality, and favourite toys.  Go over the routine in detail, (i.e. Molly gets a treat after her walk, but only after she gets her paws wiped off and sits).  If certain areas of the home are off limits to your pet, make sure your sitter is aware of this.

Be prepared for your Meet & Greet Consultation with your sitter.  Complete the questionnaire provided ahead of time, in detail, so your sitter is able to review and prepare your file ahead of time.  Completing the questionnaire in advance helps sitters familiarize themselves with all the information ahead of the meeting, and leaves more time to spend establishing a rapport with clients and their pets.  Be prepared with your two keys cut, your pet’s microchip and veterinarian information and deposit at the time of the meeting.

Ask questions.  If anything is unclear, our sitters are always pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding the care of your pet, your payment, the contract, emergency procedures, key handling practices, invoicing, etc.  We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, and know that it can be difficult letting someone you haven’t met before care for your furry family members and home.  If anything is unclear, we will always take the extra time to explain our procedures to you.  Clarity, transparency and good communication between the client and company makes for a great pet sitting experience for both parties!

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